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Whey Isolate vs Concentrate

Whey protein products are widely known to be used by bodybuilders only in time pass. Presently, whey protein is now known as a healthy product to anyone’s diet. Based on the availability of so many products, it is now a challenge to buy the right type for your needs. That is why my Getting Started Series is so crucial. Research has shown that WPC and WPI contains slight different properties that is crucial to know about. It is true that whey remains a great source of protein. Research has shown that it has a high-level biological value. A high biological value simply means that the amino acids ratio remains effective for building muscles. A large portion of protein consumed can be easily absorbed and used by the body. Whey has been discovered to contain a great level of immunity enhancing advantages. Whey remains a dairy protein that remains the by-product of the cheese making process. In the raw state, it is clear that whey contains some amounts of lactose and fat. It is clear that no one will like to consume raw whey. For this reason, it is processed and filtered to have a flavoring taste. This simply means removing the fat and lactose contents in the whey final compound. Microfiltration remains a great method used in separating lactose and fat from protein. Nevertheless, the final result is more of a concentrated protein. Through this process you can distinguish between whey isolate vs. concentrate. This lead the article to a topic called whey isolate vs. concentrate. This text is basically going to expose you the facts behind whey isolate vs. concentrate. Reading through the points presented below will help you understand the value of whey isolate vs. concentrate.

Why Whey?:

You may ask, what is whey protein? Well, making whey protein is far easy if you understand the right ingredients to use. Whey is often known as a diary product leftover in the process of making cheese. When cheese is processed and filtered to produce a powder, the process will finally result into whey. In most cases, it can be flavored and added to oatmeal, smoothies, and other foods to upgrade their protein content. To be upfront here, many fitness experts often believe that whey protein is rich enough to satisfy human curiosity. It is also a top-notch protein rich in lysine and arginine. This will help to stimulate the development of growth hormone. Finally, users will notice a complete enhancement of their muscle development and growth. From research and feasibility study, it is clear that whey can help to eliminate bacteria, toxins, and virus from the body. Nevertheless, it can as well positively affect cardiovascular health. Whey is a great protection for human being against some cancers. Endurance athletes have discovered that whey offers a high-level production of branched chain amino acids. This will help to produce energy during long distance training sessions.

Whey Isolate:

Whey Isolate is defined as 90% protein by weight. Research has shown that whey protein isolate remain the purest type ever present. It comes with more protein per serving. Nevertheless, you can also find whey protein isolate with little lactose and fat. The data about the different products vary. Nonetheless, isolate is found to contain about 90-98 percent of protein per serving. The whey is highly filtered to produce isolate version. This simply means removing some of the immune boosting features. Research has proven that isolate remain highly expensive than concentrate. This is a basic feature when comparing whey isolate vs. concentrate. In case you are pondering on the two products, it is important to judge by the price factor. With price, you are sure to compare whey isolate vs. concentrate effectively and easily.

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Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein. Click On The Picture To Learn More!

Whey Concentrate:

Concentrate is the least processed form of the Whey supplement. It can be anywhere from 40% to 80% protein by weight. Most 100% Whey supplements are 80% by weight (WPC 80). From a clear study, it is discovered that the production of whey concentrate remain easier. It is also less expensive and easy to find. Buyers can always find concentrate between 29-89 percent protein per serving. Research has made it clear that more impurities are retained during the production of concentrate. This is also applicable to the immune enhancing element. The ability to find concentrate remain easier. This can be used when comparing whey isolate vs. concentrate.

Which Product To Select?:

To be factual, it is clear that both types of whey protein can help in supporting muscle growth and development. Producers of the products believe that one is better than the other. Well, it all matter or depend on your choice. In case you are suffering from lactose allergy, then this will make sense to use the isolate type. In case you are trying to save money and remain comfortable plus stick the more bio available choice, the concentrate may remain a better option. Purity (greater amount of protein by weight) is a great way of comparing whey isolate vs. concentrate. Isolate remains highly purer than concentrate but is less bio-available because it is more processed. This is due to the mode of its production. When talking about financial restriction or saving money, concentrate remain the best. Whey Concentrate will always be the cheapest option. In my experience, I have not noticed a huge difference in terms of muscle growth and performance. However, I have started using whey isolate more since I wrote the Getting Started Series. I have noticed a difference in recovery. I do recover quicker when I use isolates than concentrates.


Depending on your choice, you are sure to find whey isolate at 90-94% protein while its counterpart will offer 70-85% ratio. People who have problems on bloating and gas can simply stick to the pure form of whey isolate. It is important to know that the purity of the isolate whey will not add to any nutritional benefit. In fact, it will not double-up the level of your muscle development and growth. It has been found that isolate whey does not have disadvantages. It remains only expensive than concentrate. Isolate is also known to have valuable immune-boosting protein subfractions. This can be found in the likes of lactoferrins and lactoglobulins.

In case you are looking for a general protein supplement that will upgrade your health without breaking the bank, whey concentrate remains the best option. In case you are looking for something that can be rapidly absorbed on the stomach through workout and help you recover faster, then whey isolate remains the best option. Comparing whey isolate vs. concentrate can also be dependent on the choice of the user. Your choice and budget can as well help you in making the best selection. Both products are sure to offer quality results on your muscle growth and development.

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