Instructional SizeGenetics Videos

How To Assemble The Penis Extender Devices 

Check out SizeGenetics Penis Extender through their Official Online Store. This post is to help give you a visual resource for how to use SizeGenetics. 

These videos below show how to assemble the device with the pieces you get. When you receive your extender, it will come with a DVD and webpage link that shows you how to assemble the device as well.

Why Do Penis Extenders Work?

This next video explains why penis extenders work. It explains how and why extenders work. Also how penis extension can be great for sexual health. 

This is for the people who have not bought an extender device yet and want to know how they work.

How To Use The Extender

These two videos go way more in depth on how use these devices. they show you how to assemble the extender and put it on the penis as well. 

Research Behind Penis Extension

This video aims to give some medical research to give some substance to why the device works so well. It aims to show how penis extension can affect your penis health and sexual performance. 

Unboxing Your SizeGenetics Penis Extender

This video shows what to expect when you receive the SizeGenetics Full System Package. Shows that the package is discretely packaged. The videos all the different goodies the full system comes with. 

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Thanks Guys. If you want to learn more you can check out SizeGenetics Extender through The Official Online Store