Eugene Sandow. The Father of Modern Bodybuilding.
Eugene Sandow. The Father of Modern Bodybuilding. Click On Photo To Learn More.

Mass Gaining Meal Plan – The Simple Strategy To Gain Quick Muscle Mass


This post is geared toward the goal of attaining lean muscle mass, minimizing fat gain, and maximizing strength gain. This post is very similar to my Getting Started: Part 5 article. I am going to do a deeper dive into what type of nutritional meal plan you need to gain mass in muscle. More importantly, putting on lean muscle. When I put on muscle, I try to minimize fat gain because I enjoy looking good and being strong. You might not care what you look like which completely fine. It is up to you on how you want to approach this. It is your body, your health, and your choice. I will say though,,trying different methods is crucial to success. Some methods might work better for your body and mind than others. The whole point is that you embark on the journey of figuring this out and taking some risks along the way. This is how you will grow mentally and physically.


Remember, it is important to that you have started lifting weights or embarked on an intense resistance training routine. Muscles do not grow by themselves and they never will. They need to be broken down so they rebuild stronger and bigger. This means a good exercise routine is necessary. There are tons of ways to find one. I suggest starting with a couple books my Required Readings page. I suggest reading Starting Strength first and then move on to Arnold’s Encyclopedia. This will give you a great knowledge base and tons on routines to start out with.

If you are training to gain muscle, then heavy lifting is key. Volume is also important as well but not too much in the beginning. If you only want a rough overview diets than click here. Supplementation is also pretty important because it makes it easier to get the vital nutrients needed to recover, grow, and maintain optimal health. The complete guide to starting supplementation is in the Getting Started Guide

The Mass Gaining Meal Plan  For Beginners

DO NOT DO THIS: It is important to know that over-drinking or eating should not be practiced in the quest to gain massive weight. It is also important to know that depriving yourself of liquids and food will never make anyone gain weight quickly. These methods remain a wrong notion of dieting. It will only hurt your health condition in the long run.

STRATEGY #1: For you to gain body mass quickly and effectively, it is important to be at a slight caloric surplus on a daily basis. This can be achieved by eating between 3 to 8 meals per day. The amount of meals is up to you, just remember to consume your right amount of calories. It is highly important to frequently eat because that will keep you from binge eating and help your body process protein and other nutrients quickly and easily. Nevertheless, this idea will prevent your body from entering into a catabolic. This is a state where your body feeds off itself (your muscles and fat) to supply nutrients organs with nutrients. It is also clear that the more muscle you build, the more fat that will be burn to retain energy and strength. Once your body discovers that food is coming, it will use the channel to burn fat into energy for farther usage.

STRATEGY #2: There are studies that show the amount of meals you eat per day has very little effect on the speed of the body’s metabolism. However, I do find that I feel much better when I eat 4 to 5 meals spread out throughout the day instead of only eating 2 or 3. To find more info and studies on this, click here. What matters in the amounts of calories consumed and vital nutrients in those calories. This simple analogue can be applicable to mass gaining meal plan. It can also be referred to as meal plan for gaining muscle mass effectively.

STRATEGY #3: Another strategy found on mass gaining meal plan is the idea of drinking about 1 gallon of water daily. It is highly important to maintain your water consumption level when talking about meal plan for gaining muscle mass. Always your water consumption the same . This will help you to perfectly gain weight without stress attached. It is never a good idea to experience body dehydration when speculating on mass gaining meal plan. Do you know that water remain one of the best nutrients your body can get? It is also a good idea to add a variety of organic juices when envisaging on mass gaining meal plan. This can be found in the likes of vegetable juice, apple juice, orange juice, and just to mention a few. It is important that it organic and does not contain a huge amount of sugar. Homemade fruit shakes are always an option as well. Below are samples of meal plan for gaining muscle mass easily. It is also a great sample for mass gaining meal plan.

All of these strategies can work together to give you a complete mass gaining meal plan. That is how I approached it. Do not feel that these have to work individually. They do not. Try them out and do what works best for you.

Mass Meal Plan Number One:

This is someone with a 3000 calorie weight maintenance and eating to gain lean muscle mass and minimize fat gain. This is also for someone who wants to spread out their meals. This mass gaining meal plan comes out to 3100 to 3400 calories, 175 grams of protein, and 200 grams in carbs. I am not sure of the amount of fats.

Meal 1: Breakfast: One cup of oatmeal along with a banana and three egg whites/one whole egg. One spread of organic butter on two pieces of whole grain toast. A 1/4 cup of spinach. Along with a softgel of fish oil and multivitamin. (700 calories)

Meal 2: Mid-Morning Snack: A piece of whole grain bread with bowl of canned tuna (400 calories)

Meal 3: Lunch: A  turkey sandwich (4 slices) on whole grain bread. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and a slice of Swiss cheese. (500 calories)

Meal 4: Pre Workout: Water and one scoop (24 grams) of whey protein, 5 grams of creatine monohydrate with half an apple. (150 calories)

Meal 5: Post Workout: One scoop (24 grams) of whey protein with water and 5 grams of creatine monohydrate. Followed by a cup of organic whole wheat spaghetti with “tomato/spinach” mix sauce. (750 calories)

Meal 6: Dinner: 1/2 cup of mixed vegetables and 12 oz grilled chicken. (300 calories)

Meal 7: Pre-Bedtime: A cup of organic whole  milk will go perfectly one scoop of casein protein. A post on casein protein to come soon. (250 calories)

Mass Meal Plan Number Two:

This mass gaining meal plan is little more realistic than the one above. This is for people who are busy their daytime, may not always have time to sit down and eat, and have lower caloric maintenance (let’s assume 2500 for the example). This diet consists of 2800 to 3000 calories, 160 to 180 grams of protein, and 150 grams of carbs.

Meal 1: Breakfast: One cup of oatmeal, one cup of fruit salad, a spread of organic butter and one piece of whole grain toast. 24 g scoop of casein protein with a cup of organic whole milk. One cup of water with a fish oil softgel and multivitamin. (700  calories)

Meal 2: Mid-Morning Snack: Half a cup of Organic whole milk with one scoop 24 g of whey protein. A slice of whole grain toast with a spread of organic butter. One cup of water. (350 calories)

Meal 3: Lunch: Half an apple with 12 oz of grilled chicken on two slices whole grain bread with swiss cheese topped with lettuce and tomatoes. One cup of water. (500 calories)

Meal 4: Pre Workout: A spread of peanut butter on a slice of whole grain toast. One 24 g scoop of whey protein with half cup of water. 5 g scoop of creatine. Plus another cup of water. (250 calories)

Meal 5: Post Workout: A 24g scoop of whey protein with half a cup of water and 5 g scoop of creatine monohydrate followed by a cup of organic whole wheat spaghetti with tomato/spinach mix sauce. One cup of water. (750 calories)

Meal 6: Pre-Bedtime: A cup of organic whole milk with 24 g scoop of casein protein. (250 calories)


To gain massive weight there are some foods that are optimal to eat. Like blueberries, whey protein, egg whites and yolks, grilled chicken breasts, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, mixed vegetables, cocoa dark chocolate, low-fat cottage cheese, and just to mention a few. All the above mentioned foods are sure to offer you top-notch result, in terms of nutrition. For any meal plan for gaining muscle mass, you are sure to discover healthy meals to comfort user’s body. Caloric intake and consumption of macro nutrients is most important. You cannot grow if you giving out more than you are taking in. Tracking caloric and nutrient consumption will help to produce quick result.

There so many benefits that can be derived after following the meal plan for gaining muscle mass. Apart from the massive weight and muscle that will be gained in a short time, you are sure to get extra nutrients. For instance, whey protein is an excellent source to repair and build muscle. The presence of protein in your body can help coordinate good health. With along side other foods found in the massive muscle gaining meal plan; you are sure to remain physically balanced and fit. Understanding how to eat and things to consume remain the order of the day. Though, you will have to eat to maintain the fitness of your body, but selecting strategic times remain the best. This idea will help your body respond to quicker result of meal plan for gaining muscle mass. In a nutshell, ensure to select the best time for your eating habit. This is one of the main factors to consider when looking at a mass gaining mean plan. Once you are able to apply this ideology into your feeding habit, gaining extra weight will never be difficult again. You can always give it a try today. The result will always remain positive.

To building a stronger and healthier you.

Rob 😉