Now Foods Whey. Click On The picture To Learn More!
Now Foods Whey. Click On The Picture To Learn More!

June Protein Bestsellers

This is a list of best selling supplements this months. This is going to be a  regular monthly post. I will break them up into three posts. A post just on Protein, and Creatine because are products I get the most requests for. Plus one more post on everything else that is hot in the supplement world. Enjoy 😉

Isolate Protein:

NOW Sports Whey Protein Isolate is the #1 bestseller on Amazon. This is probably the purest and most bio-available isolate protein on the market. The naturally flavored version only contains TWO ingredients while the ones with flavors contain only 7 or 8 ingredients. It is sweetened with Stevia powder. This powder also has a high amount off Branch Chained Amino Acids. It is GMP Quality Assured and is low in cholesterol and sodium. However, due to its “all natural” nature the taste seems to suffer quite a bit. From my experience, the taste on this is “okay” at best. Most other large brands use sucralose to sweeten their protein. NOW SPORTS chooses to break out of the pack. It’s working because this brand has developed a cult following. Click on the picture above to learn more.

Isopure. Click On This Picture To Learn More!
Isopure. Click On This Picture To Learn More!

Isopure! This is an Amazon’s bestseller Top 5 mainstay. Zero to low carbs editions. Low calories. This protein was great when I started cutting and appeals to men and women alike. It could have a better taste and has a lot of additive ingredients and its expensive. However, this brand also has huge group of users that will live and die with Isopure. Click on the picture to the left to learn more!

Optimum Nutrition Hydro Whey
Optimum Nutrition Hydro Whey. Click On The Picture For

ON’s Hydro Whey is my personally my favorite isolate protein. This is one protein I personally use now. This is an Amazon’s Top 5 bestsellers this month. The taste is great and 30 grams per serving of hydrolyzed protein. Hydro Whey also has the most amount of BCAAs and Amino Acids per serving of any protein powder I have used in the past.  However, this product contains a lot of additive ingredients for flavor and its expensive. Those are the only drawback, in my opinion. Hydro Whey is great for just about any fitness goal. I am really glad I decided to give isolate proteins more of a chance because this gem. 😉 Click on the picture on the right for more information.

Honorable Mentions: 

Body Fortress Isolate Protein. Click On The Picture For More Info.
Body Fortress Isolate Protein. Click On The Picture Above For More Info.

Body Fortress’s Whey Isolate is currently #3 Amazon Bestseller for Whey Isolate. GNC and Vitamin Shoppe do not carry it in their stores so getting it online is your best bet. I have personally not used this one before but it seems like a great product.  It is pretty cheap ($20 to $25 for 26 servings), 30 grams per serving, good amounts of BCAAs and Amino Acids, and only a couple ingredients. I am curious about the taste though. I will need to  try before I can give a formal recommendation. Leave comments below if you have tried. Let me know what you think. I love engaging with you guys and I am curious to hear your opinions.

Quest Protein Bars. Click On The Picture Above For More Info
Quest Protein Bars. Click On The Picture Above For More Info

Quest Bars! I love them. This is in the Amazon Bestselling Top 5 for Protein and #1 for Protein Bars. Not only are they rich with protein and dietary fiber, they are only very low in sugar, carbs, calories, and cholesterol. Did I mention, THEY TASTE AMAZING! If you have a sweet tooth (like me!), this is the cure. They are good for you and will keep you away from the cookies at lunch. My favorite flavors are Cookies & Cream (additive), White Chocolate Raspberry, and Double Chocolate Chunk. These bars are great. Give them a try. Click on the picture for more information.

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein.
Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein.

ON Gold Standard’s 100% Whey Protein is Amazon’s #1 for regular Protein Powder. This remains the  best bang for you buck. You receive anywhere from 70 to 80 servings for ($55 to $60). Best quality of whey concentrate on the market and it tastes good. It only has a couple ingredients but the sugars and cholesterol levels are lower in the protein isolates. This product is perfect for anyone just starting resistance training and trying to increase their protein intake along with foo. Click on the picture on the right to receive more information.

Syntha 6. Click On The Picture To Receive More Infomation.
Syntha 6. Click On The Picture To Receive More Information.

This is Amazon’s #1 bestseller in protein powder blends. I can honestly say this is the best tasting protein I have ever tried. This a protein complex which is a mix of different types of protein into one powder. However, this protein is higher in calories and additive ingredients. Though, it is not badly priced. So it could be an cheaper option. Click on the picture to learn more about Syntha 6.   That does for this month’s protein bestsellers. I hope this post help your choices of which protein to buy. Let me know  what you guys think.

To Your Gainz 😉