A Combination Of Different Jelqing Videos

What's Up Guys?

Are you making penis gainz yet? 

If you are not and need a little more instruction, be sure to visit our Jelqing Exercise Guide, Jelqing Routine Guide, and Jelqing Results Guide.

These guides break the "need to know" about this practice and its exercises. You will discover to do these exercises, a good beginner's routine to follow, the pros and cons, my individual results and experiences with jelqing, and what expectations to have.

This post will be combination of different videos on how to jelqing correctly and effectively. I thought this would be a very useful to you guys who are serious about doing this stuff correctly. 

It is very important that you have the technique and movement down before you get started. If you fuck that up, you can damage to your dick.  That is no bueno.

So take a look at the videos. I think these will be helpful to you guys who need a visual demonstration. These videos also contain some adult content so do not watch this at work or in front of your family.

Your family will think you are a pervert and your employer will fire you on the spot. Be smart about where you view this stuff. 

Okay, here we go. 

Pretty Good Jelqing Demonstration Videos

The two videos above are non-graphic videos which show you how to jelq properly. They are both only a couple minutes long and have good instruction. 

Graphic Jelqing Videos And Demonstrations

This is video above is not safe for work. Granted, if you are on this site then there is a good chance you are not at work. Nonetheless, it is quite graphic so be aware. Do not say I did not tell you so. Haha!

This video is pretty short and gives you the exercise one fluid motion. It shows you what jelqing for girth looks like. FYI. This video is also pretty graphic. 


There you have it. Those were some of the best videos on jelqing I could find. I believe they spell things out and demonstrate pretty well.

I hope you found them useful. The next step is to get started and give it a try for yourself.  Good Luck.