Jelqing Before And After: How To Measure Your Results

The Results. The inches! The Girth! THE GAINZ!

Will you get them? How long will it take to see them? 

This is what most people what to know about jelqing and penis enlargement.  

I have answered those questions before in Jelqing Guide and Beginner's Jelqing Routine

However, I think it is important to revisit this topic. If you do not keep your expectations in check then you will quit. It is that simple.  

Have realistic goals and create a plan to do the work to meet those goals.

Consistency is the key! Just like for every other goal in life. 

The gainz will be permanent and well worth it. Short term sacrifice for long term gain. 

Keep in mind, this is talking about my results with manual exercises before I started using Bathmate, SizeGenetics, or Fleshlight.

How Gage And Measure Results 

This is very simple but some people manage to complicate this. I do not know how or why. 

There are several easy ways to do this. However, I would recommend just using measuring tape. That is what I have always done.

Just measure length of your shaft while fully erect and limp. From the pubic bone to the tip. And measure the girth by wrapping the measuring tape around the shaft. Also while fully erect and limp.

You do really need to measure anything else given these are primary measurements that most men care about. 

Before Jelqing

My penis before jelqing was about five and a half inches or so when fully erect and shaven of pubic hair.

I was also a little less than five inches in girth. Both of these are seen as average dick sizes among young men. 

I performed at routine that outlined in the previous article for about 8 months. I would jelq 3 times a week for the first eight weeks or so.

Then moved up to 4 times a week from the months three through five. I also slightly increased the pressure on my penis along the way.

After that, I moved up to jelqing daily and I would jelq for about 20 minutes straight or so and added edging and kegel exercises to my routine. That stuff is more advanced and I will talk about it soon when I share my intermediate penis enlargement routine.

It was after about seven months or so when the gains started to slow down. After about nine months, I moved on the Bathmate and Sizegentics. I will get into to that another time though. 

After Jelqing

I grew my penis size to about six and half inches in length and five and half inches in girth. Now I had a slightly above average dick size for young males. 

I have little bit of discoloration on my dick. I have been to the to several doctors about it. Ones that specialize in sexual health and hormone therapy. They all asked if I had pain or had trouble getting an a strong erection.

My answer was "no" to both questions. Which was true. This is about 2 years ago too. My erections are still strong and I do not really have a problem with the slight discoloration.

Then again, I am black so most girls hardly notice this anyway. The whole discoloration thing might just be in my head. 

A lot of people who are into this stuff have discoloration on their dicks and maintain hard erections and penis health.

I would not put too much thought into this unless you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or feeling any type of pain in your reproductive region. Then you need to see a doctor and figure out what the hell is wrong with you.

Chances are you messed something up with penis enlargement exercises somewhere along the way. Here are the most common things dudes will mess up:

- Not taking enough time to recover in the beginning. Hence, over training your dick and not allowing it to condition to the exercises.  

- Putting too pressure on your dick too early. Same idea as the previous thought. You need to work your way up the this. Do not go too hard with this stuff too early. You will fuck yourself up. 

- Jelqing the glans. DO NOT DO THIS. This could lead to some serious issues erectile issues if done consistently. Jelq the shaft up until you approach the glans then stop and begin a new repetition. 

- Not warming up or cooling down.  This varies from person to person. Some people do not need to have strong warm ups. They can take 3 minute warm shower and do few stretches and they will be ready to go. 

I was not one of these people. I have take warm shower along with a lengthy series of pre and post jelqing massages and stretches. This is what worked for me and  what I had to do maintain penis health and maximize results. 

Properly warming up and cooling down allowing the penis to gradually increase (when warming up) and restore blood flow (when cooling down).

This important when jelqing because we do not want to do anything unnatural for our dicks. Sending blood in and out of your penis is a delicate process due the internal pressure within the shaft.

Do your best to make that process as smooth as possible and you will be fine. The easiest way to do that is by taking the time to warm up and get your dick ready for these exercises. Then taking the time to cool down and bringing your dick back to normal. Then rest. 


There is a quick anecdote about my personal experience with jelqing. Keep in mind, this was just the tool I used to get started with this whole penis enlargement thing. 

Also, as I stated earlier, this was before I started using Bathmate, SizeGenetics, and Fleshlight. 

This is just one of many tools I used to add size to my cock. I later began coupling jelqing with other exercises a couple months into my enlargement training. Then I moved on to some specific devices that took things to a whole new level.

I will talk about those exercises and devices in depth soon enough. For now, you have all the information you need to get started. Be smart about it and use your brain. Give it a try and stick to  it for a while. See how your dick reacts. It is that simple.

Just remember to stick to the plan. Do not over do it, especially in the beginning. Take some time to rest when you need it. Take your time warming up and cooling down. Listen to your body and do not ignore lingering pains. 

Stop thinking and start doing. That should be all you need to know. Talk to you soon guys.