Instructional Bathmate Videos

The product being talked about in these videos is called Bathmate Hydropump. You can visit The Official Bathmate Online Store or browse around this website to learn more about this product.  

Unboxing Bathmate

These are simple videos of the unboxing of Bathmate hydropump devices. They show what the package comes with and what to expect with your delivery.  They are pretty informative. 

How To Assemble Your Bathmate

This video is just how to assemble the different parts of Bathmate when you first receive your package in the mail. This is easy for the most part. 

Once again, this is more for the rookies who have not ordered the product yet. So they know what to expect and what to do. 

How To Use Bathmate

How Bathmate Works

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Thanks Guys. To learn more about Bathmate Hydropump, check out some of the posts above or The Official Bathmate Hydromax Online Store