Getting Started Part 6: Affordable Supplements – Where To Find Them

GNC Holiday Sample Sale
GNC Holiday Sample Sale. There are many ways to save money when purchasing supplements.

Hello. Hello. Hello.

Welcome to the Part 6 of the Getting Started – Simple Supplements Series. Unfortunately, this will be the post in the series but it will also be one of the most helpful. Let’s get started.

It is another fantastic day in the land of muscle gains, fat loss, proper nutrition, and healthy living. I just back from the gym and I feel awesome. I am about to mix up my post-workout shake and……OH NO! I have ran out of my whey. Curse the Muscle Gain Gods for fucking up my GAINZ! I am joking, it is no one’s fault but my own. I should have re-stocked earlier. However, I think this brings up a great topic to talk about. Where do I get my supplements at an affordable price? Hence, affordable supplements. Have no fear. I am not only here to help you reach your personal fitness and health goals but I also want to save you money.

I am a very frugal individual and usually go out of my way to save money. Therefore, I need affordable supplements to sleep well at night. This post is for people who are like me and want to maximize the value of their dollar. Also for those who just do not want to break the bank buying these supplements. So I am going to give you a guide and list of sources where you can find affordable supplements.

Side note: My friends give me tons of shit for it but I do not care. I got money in my bank account for rainy days, cool endeavors, and business projects. Saving money has allowed me to advance my financial standing in the world and move toward the lifestyle I want to live. Therefore, I refuse to spend additional money on something I do not need or derive long term pleasure or value from unless its indulging in good food on cheat days for my sanity or something vital to my health. I believe in maximizing the value of every dollar earned. I personally think anyone who does not try to cut costs and save is not maximizing the full benefit of their income. That is my personal opinion though. You can choose to spend you money however you like.

How To Find Affordable Supplements

There are a ton of ways you can go about doing this. I am only going to go over the ones I have found to be the most effective.

Disclaimer: The suggestions I about to propose are derived from my own experiences and research. It is  up to you to try these methods and see what works best for you. By the way, I am not affiliated with or paid by any of businesses I am about to mention in the rest of this post.

  • Part-Timing (5 to 30 a week) at a supplement nutrition store is probably the easiest way to get discounted supplements. I have worked at variety of supplement nutrition stores. Sales associates at GNC receive a 30% to 40% discount on all items in the store and still get to take advantage of promotional sales. Other supplement stores, might just give you supplements for free. Either way, these are usually sweet gigs given that you have a chill manager and lenient company rules. From my experience, GNC was the strictest. GNC had sales percentage numbers that each Sales Associate had to meet or work toward (depending on how generous your regional manager was) in order to keep his or her job. Plus a co-worker or manager had to ring you up whenever you wanted to buy something. This could be an issue when you are working the store by yourself all the time. Lower end supplement are much better in terms of rules. Either way, you do not lose by working part time at any supplement store.
  • Online Supplement Stores  are one of the cheapest places to find supplements. This is because those online businesses usually buy those supplements from the retailer at the retail price and their costs for maintenance are a lot lower. There are a ton of online stores out there you buy from. From my experience, they are all generally around the same price. The dollar amount might vary $2 to $3 between the same products on different sites. Therefore, I began to differentiate them buy their service, useful nutritional information given, visibility of supplement labels or supplement label info, shipping costs, and online discounts.
      1. has great customer service and nutritional information for these memberships. Some independent vendors might offer the same supplement a couple dollars cheaper. If you have amazon prime,  you save a couple bucks on shipping and on the actual price of the product. If you are a frequent Amazon Prime user, it makes sense to shop here, especially for the big brand names. Otherwise, shipping can be as low as $2 or as high as $8. Plus, it will take 3 to 5 business days to ship. Labeling information is not visible for every product which is a big drawback for me in terms of convenience. Plus there are tons of reviews for the product. Take a look and see if you like it.
      2. is probably the most informative of any site I have used for purchasing affordable supplements. They brake down everything from the nutritional information to use properly use the supplement to maximize results and plenty of customer reviews. Customer service is also very good. You can find all the labeling information for every supplement except for private regulation labeling and information which you can sometimes find on Amazon. Shipping will cost you anywhere from $4 to $6 and the prices for the products are pretty standard. However, the product gets to you in 2 to 3 business days. They constantly have promotional sales going on but they usually only take effect when my buy more than one product. Great place to start to the supplement shopping game. At the very least, get your supplement information from this site.
      3. is a hidden gem for affordable supplements and their delivery. The prices are standard but SHIPPING IS FREE in the continental USA for orders over $49. That is a big selling point. They have all the labeling information there but private regulation. They include directions on how to use the supplement, nutritional information, and user reviews. Plus, it takes 1 to 4 business days to ship depending on where you live within the continental USA. Great online store.
    • In Store Coupon Frenzies, Memberships, Clearance andPromotional Sales are pretty cost effective ways to attain supplements as well. Utilize every money saving opportunity the  large supplement nutritional stores offer. Collect coupons, become a member, and shop at those stores during promotional and clearance sales. The clearance section always has affordable supplements. You  will have save a good bit of money just doing that. Vitamin Shoppe and GNC are great at this


You now know where to get your supplements from. Give all these methods a try and you will gradually save money.

Wow. The Getting Started Series is just about over. Remember to take action. Nothing will happen unless moves are made.

Good Luck


P.S. These are some of my favorite books on Weightlifting and Fitness. Great place to start for beginners. Find link here. 

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