Guide To Bathmate Hydropump – Review And Results


​The product I am reviewing below is Bathmate Hydropump. To learn more about this product, read the guide below and check out The Official Bathmate Hydropump Online Store

This post is the first that will explore and inform you about Bathmate Hydropump.  This post is based on over a year of personal experience of using this device regularly. 

There are plenty of penis enlargement devices out there. I have used plenty of them. However, we will only recommend a handful to you.  

This is because the products we recommend actually work and are the best on the market. There is no need too talk about the products that suck. 

The devices I recommend will be all you need to take your penis enlargement to the level. 

Of all these devices, Bathmate is probably the king of all the devices I recommend. It is the real deal and will give you the type gains you have dreamed about. 

Before we get though, I want to stress that newbies should start with manual exercises first. Build up your dick with jelqing and stretching routines for a couple months to year. 

Once you have seen solid gains from manual exercises and using a bandage extender, then move on to Bathmate and other devices.

This is the way I did it. I worked very for me. I must admit though, I started with manual exercises mainly because they were free and easy to do. Jelqing and stretching were easy to pick.

However, everyone is different. Complete newbies can still use Bathmate and see incredible gains from it if used correctly in a good PE routine. This happens a lot actually.  

Anyone can pick up Bathmate and get rolling. That is the beauty of the device. Now let us get on with this review.  

What Is Bathmate? Why Is It So Good?

As I stated many times, penis enlargement can be a very tedious and time consuming process. It it not too much fun. That is where Bathmate can come into play. 

Using Bathmate allows you to more easily integrate male enhancement into your lifestyle.

Bathmate makes the process more entertaining by giving your penis a bigger pump and speeding up your results. 

Using a Bathmate device with warming up, jelqing, stretching, cooling down, and using an extender; this combination of   exercises will give you immediate and permanent results. 

Not only can you see awesome gains quickly, but you if use the device as intended and directed by the manufacturer it is completely safe to use.

This is partially because it uses water to create the pressure on your penis. Instead of using air like other pumps. 

How Bathmate Works?

Bathmate uses water to  put pressure on your penis that will expand the tissue and make it bigger, longer, and wider. This will happen slowly with frequent use the device.  

Remember you still need to take time to recover and rest your dick so it can grow. This also allows you can keep to training and putting your dick in a position to blow up.

Because the penile tissue expands, more blood can enter the penis. This means you can get harder erections. That is always nice.  

One cool thing about Bathmate is, unlike jelqing, that you can use it on a full erection. Due to the insane pump you get, you can see temporary girth and length increases of about one inch or so.

I know it's crazy but it is true. This has been my experience though. These gains will stay around for a couple hours, even after you lose the erection. This is one of the reasons using Bathmate can be so much fun. 

Capitalize on these temporary gains by using your extender to maximize length gains. 

Just like jelqing and stretching, if you are consistent with your Bathmate training and use it long enough then your results will be permanent. 

You can use Bathmate by itself and see some good gains.  However, as I stated earlier, you maximize your gains by combining Bathmate with manual stretching. 

What Type Of Bathmate Pump Should I Get?

There are couple sizes of Bathmate pumps. They are meant to accommodate men with different penis sizes. Therefore, your current penis size will determine which pump you get. 

The difference between the regular model and the Extreme is that extreme comes with the device and a handful goodies. These goodies include a hand pump, protective strap, and comfort pad. 

X20 and X20 Extreme

This pump is meant for guys who have an average sized penis. Guys who are between 4 and 5.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in girth or under while erect should start here. 

These pumps have the same suction power as the x30, x40, and Goliath. It is just a smaller size.

If I were a complete newbie to male enhancement, I probably would have started with this Bathmate size. I was 5.25 inches in length when I started PE.  


This is the original Bathmate device. This is also for averaged sized man. It is actually a similar size to the x30. This is meant for men who are 5 to 7.5 inches length and 5.5 inches in girth while erect. 

Most people see this version as the cheaper and older of the x30 (which has replaced the original Hercules model) but it is still effective and you will see gains using it. However, it is not the latest in hydropump technology. 

X30 and X30 extreme

This is the one I started with and is the most popular in the Bathmate Hydro pump chain.

These pumps are meant for guys who 5.75 and 7 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth while erect. Similar specs to the older Hercules model but has 35% more suction power than the Hercules model.  

These pumps are meant for guys who are above average in penis size or who have been doing manual penis enhancement for awhile.

X40 and X40 extreme

These are meant for guys who 7 to 8.5 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. This pump has the same suction power has x30. 

These are for guys who are really experienced in male enhancement or pornstars. Hopefully, I will be using this one soon 😉


This is meant for guys who have 8.5 to 10 inches in erect length and 8 inches in girth. The only people I can think of with dicks that big are some legendary black pornstars.

I cannot think of anyone else who would need a dick pump this big. But they would not make it if people were not buying it. 

What Type Of Results Can I Expect With Bathmate?

The results you will see be more in the lines of what  mentioned above. You will see gains right after you use the device. Everyone can gets different results.

However, I have experienced up to an inch in girth gains after a Bathmate session. After my first time using Bathmate, my dick felt bigger, longer, and thicker than it had ever been. It was nuts. 

In my opinion, to get the best results you will need to combine Bathmate with manual exercises (jelqing and stretching) and an extender

Just use Bathmate on it's own will still give you pretty good gains. Use Bathmate and find a way to keep to your dick extended for a couple hours and that is great too. 

Is This Product For Real?

Yes. It really is. I can vouch for it and put my name behind it. Bathmate is one of the most legit male enhancement products on the market. 

You can find tons of individual testimonials on the web about how effective Bathmate can be. It has changed the lives of men all over the world ho thought they were doomed to have small or averaged sized dick for life. 

Bathmate really can be game changer for both beginners and those experienced in male enhancement. You are really limiting your penis size gains if you do not plan on adding Bathmate to your routine at some point. 

My Experience And Results With Bathmate

So I bought Bathmate and Sizegenetics 10 to 11 months into my male enhancement journey. As you all know, I started PE by doing just manual exercises.

At that point, I had gained 0.75 in dick length and 0.75 inches in girth. I was usually doing my exercises 4 to 5 times a week. I was pretty happy with my results.  

I bought these devices at a point where my training was stagnating. This was about 8 months into my training.  My gains started to taper off and it just became too boring. The only way to keep myself interested was to take things to the next level with my training.  

I went back to the creepy gallows of the web and tried to find people who had experienced this same problem. I wanted to know what they did to to put their PE training into superdrive.

Everyone of merit told me to try Bathmate and Sizegenetics. They said the immediate results would get interested in PE and inspire to work for hard for a bigger dick. The reviews for the products were awesome and it seemed to be a legit product for penis growth. 

However, like some of you, I was turned off by the price. I looked for cheaper alternatives that provided as good results. I did not find any. The closest thing was that shitty knockoff I bought on Amazon.

After two months of going back and forth, I decided to buy Bathmate and give it try. What is the worst that can happen? This is an investment in myself. That is how I saw it.

I believe it is has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my dick growth. Like everyone told me, I saw immediate results. My dick would get an insane pump after using the device.

I gained about 0.75 inches to my dick in about 4 and a half months of using 5 times a week along with manual exercises. That is half the time it took than just using manual exercises. I was shocked.  

My penis size really matters to me. I admit it, I want to be way above average. I think there is nothing wrong with that at all. 

Also, I looked for forward to doing the exercises now because they were so much fun. The pump can be a blast to use a full erection (you gotta work your way up to that though). I was worth the money for that reason alone. 

My experience with Bathmate has been great and I know your will be too if you give it a chance.  

Where To Get Bathmate?

I would not suggest getting it from Amazon or EBay. This is because there a lot scammers and cheap knockoffs on these websites.

I know it is surprising but I bought my first pump on Amazon only to realize it was a shitty knockoff when I opened it. I was pissed.  

To add insult to injury, the return and refund process was a nightmare. It took almost three weeks of constant emailing to Amazon to get my return processed and a refund. It was so irritating. 

To avoid horrible experiences like these,  just go straight to the Official Bathmate Online Store to get it.

The manufacturer (UM Products) will send you a confirmation email after your order is placed and a tracking number once the order has shipped.

All order are shipped from within the country of which they are ordered. Meaning you should receive you Bathmate within a couple business days of it being shipped.

Orders made in the United States in Canada usually take 24 hours to start shipping from the time of purchase. Orders made in Europe might take slightly longer (24 to 48 hours after order). You can contact them easily via email if anything goes wrong too.

It is really that simple. Trust me, the way I described is the most hassle and stress free way to get your Bathmate pump.

Do not make things hard yourself by trying to get it cheaper on another site. You will most likely get a shittier knockoff.

With those, you run the risk of them breaking down on you or having very shitty customer support. Even worse, the pump not working properly and you injuring your dick permanently. No bueno. 

Just get the pump from Bathmate guys. Trust me.  I have had my pump for year and use it 4 to 5 times week and it is still in great condition. I know guys who have had their pumps for over 4 years. These pumps last a long time.

Do not rob yourself of a good long lasting results by being cheap.  It is not worth it in the long run or even the short term.

If you cannot afford the pump right now than that is fine. Stick to manual exercises until you can afford it. No shame in that. In fact, that is the best route if you cannot afford Bathmate.

For those of you how can afford to spend the money, go through Bathmate's official website. It makes life much easier and you will get what you pay for. I guarantee that.   


If you order Bathmate and are not receiving emails, make sure to check your spam folder. Big email providers (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Aol) usually send emails about male enhancement to the spam folder.  

Therefore, check this folder regularly and do  not miss out from getting email updates They are very helpful. 

We have a lot more to talk amount when it comes to Bathmate. I want to share with you guys a lot of things that makes this device fucking awesome.

I am going to share some routines, tricks, expectations, etc. This is will be very useful to a lot of you guys.

Bathmate is the shit. It is one of the few male enhancement products the works. It is worth the money and time. 

If you have not, order one today. Take your PE routine to next level. Your gains are waiting. Make it happen now.

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