About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Robert.

Hey guys. By the way, I am right all the time. LOL!
Hey guys. By the way, I am right all the time. LOL!
Who am I? 
I am a writer, strength trainer, self improvement nut, early stage entrepreneur, fierce reader, social butterfly and sports enthusiast.
How are you? Good? Great. How am I?
I am great. I feel extra swole today which is never a bad thing. 😉
What is Supplement Brilliance? Why does this website exist?
This website exist to provide readers and the active people out there with accurate information about different supplements out there. It is my goal to show which ones suck, which ones can help you achieve your goals faster, how you are supposed to use these supplements, the best bang for your buck, healthy alternatives to supplements, and the truth behind many of the supplement companies and stores out there. If you learn how to lead a healthier life from this website then my mission is accomplished!
Wait! So is this just another site to promote supplements?
No. I am neither paid by any supplement company nor am I affiliated with one. This site is purely for the benefit of the reader.
So are you another guy just here to bash the supplement industry?
Nope. I have actually used supplements in the past and continue to use them today. The only difference now is that I took the time to become educated on what my body needs and what it does not. I am not here to judge or accuse. I mean well. I really do. I just want you to have an easy resource for information. 😉
Are you going to try and sell me anything?
The only thing I will try and sell you on is my opinions and arguments. I use facts and studies to provide my readers with in depth knowledge. As you will begin to find out, I am a very opinionated person. So please bear with me. I want to make my readers think about the way they live and how they can become better versions of themselves.
Who is this site meant for?
That is a good question. It is actually intended for people like me who are active, love pushing their bodies physically and mentally, and strive for a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. However, this site is for anyone who stumbles across it or desires to learn more about healthy and holistic living and willing to put up with my abrasive personality.
How exactly will you go about giving this information?
Another good question. That is going to be more of a trail and error sort of thing for right now. I will try case studies, reviews of products, and just plain old articles on stuff my readers and I find interesting.
Why are you taking all this time to provide us with this information?
Because it is all about helping people dude. Everyone is an expert on something. The supplement industry is one of mine. I have been blessed in life to have others go out of their way to help me and if this site helps one person lead a better life for themselves, then I will be very happy!
Can I contact you?
Of course. I love connecting with my readers and chatting with them. Feel free to leave comments on the articles or send me an message through the contact page. I usually respond to both. By the way, I ignore and delete all hateful/attacking comments. There is no need for them, therefore will not have them on my site or in my inbox. However, feel free to challenge my thoughts in a respectful manner. This is as much a learning experience for me as it is for you and bouncing thoughts back and forth helps everyone learn and grow. Thank you for that in advance.
Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook and twitter pages are both on the way and I will keep you updated on that.
Is there any way we can thank you?
Of course. Send me messages and comments about how this site has helped improve your life or educate you. The best way to show your support is share this site with friends, family, by sharing links to your favorite posts over Facebook and Twitter or leave them in the comment section of other sites. However you choose to share this site with the people you care about.
Is there anything else you want to tell us?
Guys and girls. Have fun on this site. Express your thoughts and views. Challenge others respectfully and do not take things (on this site or in life) so seriously. Share your intelligence and have a great time. Thank you.

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