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5 x 5: Best Beginner Routine For Strength And Size

What is up guys? Do you remember when you started lifting? Do you remember the routines you used to do? If you remember how foolish you were than join the club. For those who are just starting out, keep on reading. This post is about how to maximize your first years in the gym. For intermediates and experts that are obsessed with getting stronger (like me), this for you as well.

When I started lifting, all I did was sit ups, bench press, shoulder press, curls, and leg press. hat is it. I did so many sets with the thought that I could bigger and stronger doing it this way. A couple years later, I finally started to analyze my training and ways of doing these differently. I came across Strong Lifts. 

Strong Lifts gave me then founding knowledge that started my pursuit of strength. It provides the an extensive beginner’s guide and routine based on the 5×5 principle. Which is 5 sets of 5 reps for your compound lifts. Nothing else. This guide shows you a classic time saving technique to getting stronger.

This technique is nothing new but I feel as if it is one of the least used. I believe it is because it is not as optimal for gaining size as extreme volume training. Here is what I will say to that. If you get really freaking strong then your body will begin to portray in your physique (it has no choice) and the size will come. Since you have training functionally with compound lifts, your strength will actually help you in your day to day routine. You will not have useless muscle like some meat heads and movie stars. Plus, I would rather be smaller, fast, strong as hell, and shredded than huge and weak.

There is a lot of science, research, and other evidence to back these low volume strength routines up. Starting Strength by Mark Rippitoe and The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher are two books that brake down this style of strength training. Give them a read. If you are a beginner who is looking for routine, start with Strong Lifts. It is free and a contains a complete beginners guide to getting started.

I hope this helps all lifters out there looking to get stronger as fuck!

Cheers To Strength And Gainz!

Rob 😉