10 Things That Will Help You With Manual Penis Exercises


I started in penis enlargement exercises in the fall of 2014. I believed I had a slightly below average penis size. I have always been a goal oriented individual and sought to increase my penis size. 

Being that I am a millennial, I went online to search for this information. The problem is there is not much inforamtion online about penis enlargement other than "stretch your dick for a long time" and "use cialis". 


This was very surprising to me. I am sure I am not the only person who has searched for this before. Weird. I digress. 


I continued to be proactive in my search to learn how to enlarge my cock. There is a problem that I know a lot of young males have. Therefore, I continued to search for this information. I know it somewhere out there.

I began searching penis enlargement forums, reddit, and other popular websites. I really dug deep to find dudes who had experience in growing their dicks.  

It was important to me to get this research done and do it thoroughly. I did not want to fuck my dick up permanently. That was a real fear of mine. It motivated me to gather as much information as possible before I got started. 

​After a couple weeks of research, I was able to piece together some basic information and different things that I should try. I found that guys who could talk about this extensively were recommending the same things. 

From there, I developed a pretty safe routine with the information I had. I thought I was finally in a good place to get started. But there still some things I wish I knew beforehand. 

I transitioned out of research paralysis. I got started on my exercises. I had reasonable expectations and goals. This played a huge part in my success.

Like I said earlier though, I had to learn some things through experience and messing up. Here are some tips that can help you out in your penis growth journey. I think this will really help a lot guys. 

Stop Watching Porn!

I know you have heard this before guys but hear me out before you right me off. This is important and can affect your penis growth. 

Porn is absolute boner killer guys, The reason it fucks you it messes  up a lot of natural cognitive triggers when it comes to sex.

Porn puts an image of what we imagine sex to be like. We begin to perceive that image as image reality. If you have had  sex with actual woman, you know that porn is nothing like real sex.

Because those  real thing does not match up with the  image in your mind, your brain brain will not make the connection. Therefore, your brain will not send blood to your dick. This makes an achieving a strong erection impossible. 

We know this as erectile dysfunction. This is real problem for a lot of young men in this country and the world.  

Sending blood into penis is very important for jelqing and recovery. During your routine jelqing routine, you will need to send blood into your penis and perform the exercise at 50% to 80% erection level.  

If you cannot jelq properly (at the proper erection level), then it will take longer to achieve desirable gainz. 

Causes for erectile dysfunction can easily related to extensive porn use or addiction and very real little sexual experience. Millennials (like me) grew up with porn. That makes our use of porn use quite extensive. 

I will have a more extensive post on this in the future. But what works best, is to pick a goal and dedicate all your time to it. Obsess and become very serious about that goal. 

Take your goals seriously and work toward them. All of a sudden you will find yourself not even thinking about masturbating. This is because you are now busy getting work done. 

If you obsess over your goals, there will a good chance you will forget about porn. I usually used porn and masturbated when I was bored and had nothing to do in the short term.

Now that you are busy, you will not even think about porn. You will think about achieving your goals and not wasting time. This will help you get over your porn use pretty quickly.

But you are more prone to relapse if you suddenly stopped being working and nothing to do. I am not sure how well this advice would work if you really had an addiction though. But this worked for me. I have had my streaks of porn and jacking off 3 times a day.

Every single time that happened was because I had time on my hands. Whenever I constantly had shit to do that pertained toward a goal I wanted very badly, I could very easily. 

Try it. Try to lose weight, build muscle, study harder, get a promotion, build a business, learn how to approach, learn a language, etc. Just be production and you can fix this problem. 

Use A Good Lubricant

This is actually pretty important. When I started jelqing, I used no lubricant. Dry jelqing is a bitch. Do not it, especially when you are starting out. I can be rough on a dick that is really new to this stuff. 

There are plenty lubricants you can use. The key is to find something that is moist and good for the skin (nutrient dense). I have listed a couple examples of lubricants I have used. You can try any of the following:
- Lotion
- Coconut Oil
- Vitamin E Oil
- Lavender Oil
- Vaseline

Find Some Entertainment

Jelqing and stretching can get pretty boring at times. This is the reason a lot of guys quit. They cannot will themselves past the this. That can be detrimental to your gains.

Music and television helps so much with this. They distract you and they are hands free. So you can keep doing your exercises while being entertained. 

I would recommend taking the time to concentrate on getting the technique to the exercises right first though. In the very beginning, focus on the doing the stuff and not fucking yourself up.

Once the muscle memory is there and exercises are second nature, then turn up the music and slap the television. Just make sure you have a timer to make sure you are not stretching or jelqing for too long. 

Keep Your Dick Extended After PE

It is very important to keep your dick extended after PE exercises. Your gains will suffer badly if your dick retracts back to its original size after your exercises.

Keeping your dick extended will fortify your enhancement and results. Ideally, you want to keep you dick extended for at least 6 to hours and for a couple hours after PE exercises. 

There are plenty of ways to do this. The ever popular method is using a penis extender. Extenders are very effective. However, they can be very expensive and some are more comfortable than others.

You can also use the ACE bandage technique. This is wrapping your dick up in ACE bandages after your PE exercises. This is way less expensive than extender and can be more comfortable.

It is not quite as adjustable or effective as an extender but it gets the job done for broke newbies who want to grow their dicks. 

Start Small And Build Up Slowly​

Take your time. Do not be impatient. Results do not come over night here guys. Take your time and get used to the exercises. Follow a simple routine in the beginning. Something like this:
-Warm up
 Jelqing Routine for 5 to 10 minutes
- Penis Stretching Routine for 10 minutes
- Cool Down
- Put on Bandage or SizeGenetics extender

It is very simple and quick. We want it to be that way to maximize our chances of getting in consistent work. You will also slowly see gains over time. 

After a while, slowly increase the volume of repetitions and/or add Bathmate. But you need to work yourself up to that first. 

It takes time. Do not over do it. Be patient and take it slow.  But that than quitting or fucking your dick up. Right?!

Get Your Rest​

This goes hand and hand with the point made above. You need to get your rest especially in the beginning when you dick is not conditioned to the exercises you are doing. 

Your dick actually grows when you rest. Just like in bodybuilding, your muscles grow when you rest. Not when you work them.

The exercises are meant to break the muscles down and create micro tears. This forces your muscles to adjust when they rest and recover. 

This makes having rest days during your penis routine absolutely crucial! In the beginning, start with one on and one day off. Just to be safe and maximize your results and effort. 

Lose Body Fat​

This is one not to many people know about actually. What could not body percentage have to do with my dick size? A lot actually. 

Your dick actually grows out of your body when you get an erection. Therefore, if you have more bodyfat around your midsection. Then more of your dick is hidden behind that pillow of fat.

If you get down below 10% bodyfat then that will not be an issue anymore. This is very much within your control.

It really comes down to just eating less garbage and working out consistently. If you do those things, then you will lose bodyfat.  I guarantee it. You follow our fat loss plan. It works. Give it a try. 

Maximize Testosterone ​Levels Naturally

Testosterone levels help so much with erection levels. This is not rocket science her guys. However, there plenty of ways to increase or maximize your testosterone levels naturally. Here is a list below of some of the stuff I do:

- Heavy weight lifting
- Interval training for cardio
- Sleep 8 hours a night
- Minimize stress and anxiety levels
- Eat healthy and unprocessed foods
- Consist sex

This is what I do. They are examples of stuff you can do to help your testosterone levels. They do help. Overall, just lead a healthy life and you will be just fine. 

Things not to do are spend your money on worthless testosterone boosters. None of that shit works. All those supplements are a waste of money. Stay clear.

Start maximizing your testosterone by leading a healthy and stress free life first. If you do that and that does not work, you might to see a doctor to see if there is a hormonal imbalance in your body.   

Manage Your Expectations

I have written about expectations once already. But it was mainly for jelqing. I am going to write another post about expectations and overall penis enhancement. Needless to say, this is very important.

This is also another reason why a lot of guys quit. They have unrealistic expectations. They believe they will gain an inch in length and half an inch in girth in a matter of a couple weeks. 

That is simply not the case. This process will take awhile. Depending on how high your goals are, it make take 2 to 3 years. Either way, growing your dick takes time and it not happen overnight.

So do not give yourself a reason to quit and have unreasonable expectations. In fact, have very low expectations. This is a great mind hack because you will be so happy when you achieve gains head of schedule. 

Once you surpass those low expectations, you will be motivated to harder. Or at the very least, keep doing what you are doing. Consistency and hard work. That is the secret. Do whatever you have to get there. I will talk more in detail about this soon. 

Have Faith​!

Hey man. Do not worry. I know this process is frustrating. I know it can be long and tedious. However, you will get through it and achieve.

Every time you jelq or stretch, just think about how awesome it is going to be fill out up your girlfriend or fuckbuddy with your big dick. 

Or walking around with the confidence, knowing that you have a way of above average sized penis. To able to walk around and feel more like a man. 

Imagine that. It will make you realize that all the hard work, consistency, and frustration will be worth it soon enough.

You will get there. I have given you all the tools to do so. I believe in you can that dick to 7 inches with time and effort. Now go and get it done. Make those gains. 

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hanks Guys.